Dextroid brings out the best stories of any topic in 8 simple points, whether it be a movie or a tech review, a travel wanderlust, or even inspiration that you need in your life.

Dextroid will keep you updated with everything for fulfilling the everlasting crave of stories to cover up in only 8 simple points.

It’s not just a regular blog you read, here you get exactly what you need.



To fill the half baked knowledge that you might have regarding the new technology in the digital world


For all the movie lunatics, this section keeps you updated with the short and honest review of the movies, *also available on-demand review of any particular movie


For all the miscellaneous facts and information to go an extra mile for refreshing the brain veins


To consummate one’s adventure speculation by writing about the high priority spots for your dream destinations & also to make your journey worth remembering


Whether it be about the love life, the family links, the BFF goals, or be the learning we need from all of these, Dextroid will cover it all


To gather the best and out of the box enthusiasm in you. Offbeats is all about inventing the new content to explore more


The divine influence generated within a human body to think positive and live a motivational and healthy life

Do’s n Don’ts

The do’s n don’ts makes an individual aware of a particular situation by suggestions, true experiences and factual observations

The words so remarkable, whose thoughts are noticeable

That’s what we all are looking for

The peace that’s available, which makes our lives comfortable

That’s what we all are hoping for

The beauty so adorable, which leaves us evolvable

That’s what we all are waiting for

The soul that’s desirable, which burns the fire flammable

That’s what we all are dying for