There’s so much we want to do, but there’s so little time for accomplishing everything. In this hasty lifestyle, an individual should always keep in mind his/her health and fitness to fight the daily routine. Maintaining body posture as well as physique is as important as breathing oxygen nowadays. There’s a saying that fitness isn’t just about polishing muscular structure, it is about nurturing the spirit for a healthy future. So, here are 8 Do’s and Don’ts which a person could follow to stay fit.


1) Do drink at least 1 glass of water on an empty stomach every morning for a proper digestion. Doing this will also trigger the energy level as well as keep the body hydrated.


2) Do Jogging/Yoga/Exercise after waking up. The lethargy that we all feel after getting up from bed gets rid off while sweating. This will even keep you immune from diseases and weakness.


3) Do have a proper breakfast which is highly nutritional as well as rich in protein. After a work-out session, it is advised to eat the days most important meal to get the required energy.


4) Do keep a bottle of fresh juice with you in a bag for the whole day as the direct exposure to sun can cause heat strokes. Though, the motive should be to keep the fluid intake high for all day long.


5) Don’t depend on steroids or protein powders for building the muscle tone. It is not about impressing anyone. The mission is to have a longer regime for a healthy lifestyle. These artificial stuff could loosen up the skin after some time.


6) Don’t consume alcohol on a higher extent. Though they say few drinks are good for heart, but everything is good until a limit is preserved. Alcohol consequences includes blackouts, headaches, upset stomach, etc. At last what matters is the level of care you take of your own body to stay vigorous.


7) Don’t eat outside eatables or junk food on a regular basis. Occasionally is alright, but the more it seems tempting, the more we crave for it. That inner strength has to be within you to control your diet and structure it for proper hygiene.


8) Don’t ever overeat. Especially don’t take a heavy meal for dinner. Know your peripheries of appetite. Consequences of excessive food overdose could lead to loose motions, obesity, etc.



What inspires you to stay fit? On what basis you feel motivated to follow a hygienic meal plan? What empowers you to encourage others for living a healthy lifestyle? It is nothing but your willpower and dedication to attain a goal. This is just like chasing a dream. Only thing it requires is constant determination.

Please do let us know in comments section about what else a person could do to stay healthy and fit for a longer period of time. Also share it with all your friends and family members to probe them for taking a step towards their own better future.

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