Relationship is based on trust as well as mutual understanding. Every couple should know their peripheries very well. Taking someone for granted is not at all acceptable in the era we are all living in. There are plenty of options available right across the corner, but if your partner is holding onto you, give them a reason to keep that faith alive.

Most often we don’t realize that we have made a blunder, but actually we did. The real cause of awkwardness between the couple is the ego. To avoid this cliché situation, here are 8 mistakes to avoid for a relationship to be healthy and successful.


1) The Ex-Factor

The most silly and common fault that people tend to make is the comparison of their significant other with their ex. There is no one in this world who is perfect, so stop this differentiation right away. If your ex was that much good, then you probably would not have been in this situation. It’s a big NO to even bring the topic of ex in any conversation.


2) Checking Out Casually

Okay, who gave you that authority to play with your current partners emotions? This is a catastrophe that requires immediate ending. If you can’t stay honest, than you shouldn’t stay at all. More importantly, try to at least avoid direct contact of such scenarios, for example, during a date night, or maybe while hanging out together. This could create a very bad impact on your better half and maybe they can lead to question their own inner beauty. This casual checking can daunt you seriously.


3) Ignoring Their Presence

Sometimes we don’t expect this coming. Being busy in our own world doesn’t let us discover the true guilt behind this mistake. But always spending time for our own comfort will hurt other persons feelings for sure. Try to take out time for them and cherish those moments to avoid the unforeseen chaos. Unintentional ignorance can sometimes even create intentional misunderstandings.


4) Being Possessive

For most of the people, this isn’t even a mistake as they just want their partner to be safe. But sometimes, extra care can even cause suffocation. In a relationship, there should be freedom as well as independency for both ends. Over Protective attitude will only generate a high risk of enviousness. Personal space plays a vital role in any connection as it allows the couple to think clear. 


5) Not Sharing Personal Emotions

Again a very frequent and regular error that people incline to perform is keeping their sentimental values within themselves. The meaning of a relationship is to standby with each other in good, bad and even when it gets ugly. Start sharing positive as well as negative things with your girlfriend/boyfriend. They won’t judge you for it. Expressing individual vehemence builds a trust factor and shows importance of each other in actual lives. Telepathy is just a word and it is very rarely seen, so open up without any hesitation.


6) Reacting Rather Than Responding

There’s a very thin line between reacting to a situation and responding to it. Very few understand it. During a complicated argument, maybe in the heat of the moment, any one of the pair would lose temper. Saying things without thinking in that rage is a reflex which directly hits the soft corner. Most of the fights begins on a small topic, but ends up in a huge mess just because neither one of the duo is ready to put down their guard. Start listening and hear what the other person is saying, think and speak to avoid adversity.



7) Reluctance in Saying SORRY

There comes the EGO. Every couple must have passed this phase some or the other time in their relationship. Mainly after finishing a disagreeable dispute comes the part of purposefully neglecting the other person to make them realize their mistake. It continues for a while till either one breaks down to say those 3 magical words, “I am Sorry”. Better to cut that stubbornness before you lose out a person whom you can’t live without. Saying sorry shows maturity and triggers the relationship into next level.


8) Emotional Blackmail

Last but not the least is an incessant mental torture. It is obvious that people in a relationship do have feelings for each other, but taking those sentiments for granted is a strict NO on the list. Emotional Blackmail is even worst than depression as your own partner is trying to manipulate your mindset. What kind of a relationship is it where there’s no self respect? That even sounds horrifying. The mistake which can turn a living human into a dead soul is what emotional blackmail all about. Stay who you are, as true love never demands a change in identity.


Relationships are a sensitive vibe that needs proper care and attention. It’s fragile like a glass, but at the same time it is strong like iron as well. All it requires is genuine nurturing and moreover, a realistic approach. There’s no rocket science behind it which needs constant study, but yes there’s an authentic difference between listening to someone’s heart and listening to someone’s words.

Mistakes are a part of life. It is a learning for everyone. But someone who keeps on repeating the same mistakes again and again will surely have to face the consequences. Grow from these faults to be a better human being, not just for your partner, but for your own self.

Do let us know in comments section about other mistakes that one should avoid in a relationship for making it last longer. Also share it with your friends and furthermore with the loved ones to bring a change in their lives.

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