The thought of exploring a new place itself mesmerizes anyone. Well, but sometimes it can get a bit hectic when the prerequisites are not followed properly. It is not a movie where one just packs the bag and hurrah! already reached the destination. In real life, few things should be prioritized and planned well to have a better touring experience. Here are 8 things that one should always check before leaving for an amazing journey and travelling anywhere


1) Hotel Bookings

First things first. Once you’ve decided the destination, finding reasonable accommodation is a must. There are so many online portals which now offers an individual affordable rates as well as great cashback. Even many has free cancellation available. All one needs to do is book a hotel which fits into the budget. Do check the amenities the hotel has to offer to their customers and choose wisely. 


2) Plan An Itinerary

Search the web for the place you’re visiting. Explore digitally for all the tourist attractions. Make a checklist of all those spots. Also see the routes of these regions so that you can schedule your complete day and make the most out of it.


3) Check Weather Report

It is highly advised to check the weather report of the destination you’re planning to travel. It will give you a rough idea about the temperature that whether it will be sunny or overcast? Can help in choosing what kind of clothes to pack.


4) Keep Original Identity Cards

Don’t forget an original as well as a xerox copy of at least one identity card (like driving license, passport, voter id) which can be considered as a valid proof. Nowadays it is mandatory for verification purposes. Furthermore, nobody would want to spoil their mood for such a light weight thing. So, just keep it without any omissions.

5) Stash The Cash

Always divide your cash into two halves. Maybe split it in your wallet and your bag. Travelling to a new place has its own set of pros as well as cons. One should always beware of petty thieves and local pocket pickers. It could completely ruin your travel experience, so it is safe to keep some spare cash in hand. You can call it an emergency fund.


6) Take Necessary Accessories

To flaunt a little with some eye-catching accessories while sightseeing won’t hurt anyone. Cool Shades along with phenomenal attire is like an icing on a cake. Click dashing pictures with such amazing looks. Don’t forget your hygiene kit which covers toothpaste, toothbrush, deodorants, sunscreen/lotions, etc. Also, accessories even include electronic items like chargers, earphones, etc. You are your own personal judge, so identify stuff which you need without any doubt.


7) Emergency First Aid Kit

It sounds lame to even take precautions while on a break, but you should take care for your own benefits. One can never interpret of what is going to strike next, so it is always a better option to keep a small first aid kit as a backup. It won’t just be helpful for you, but could be utilized by someone in need because collisions can occur anytime without any notices. Also, if you are on any medications, please don’t forget to carry them as they are the prescribed ones.


8) Surf the Culture

Every landmark place has its own tradition as well as culture. Explore the internet for what is different about the destination you chose to visit. See if there’s any local event occurring around the dates you’re planning to travel so that you don’t miss out once in a lifetime opportunity. Make a small list of souvenirs to purchase and bring them home for long term memories.


Most people say that unplanned trips are the best, but honestly the planned ones are way better if executed perfectly. You’ve information of places to visit, you’ve prior bookings, you’ve all the safety measures and if you’ve a photography camera, that will just be an add-on to everything.

Please do let us know in comments section about what else do you feel that a person should know before leaving on that adventure wandering. Also share it with all those frequent travelers to let them know how much you care for their comfort.

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